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18th June 2019

We’re always dealing with support in some form or another; whether it is helping with website and content updates, or supporting a client who is having issues with their email. We’re also always providing day-to-day support to without them even realising it; ensuring their website is always online and running as fast as it possibly can.

As well as this we’re always receiving emails asking for help or support. Although we try our best to try and respond to all support queries as quickly as possible, they don’t always arrive with the right person or we need to find out more information before acting on it.

With the relaunch of our own website we have added a support facility. This means that clients can submit their support query directly, even if their email isn't working, and also let us know all the information that we require. The aim of this is to speed up our support response, and getting to the solution faster or applying an update more quickly. As well as this, once submitted the form goes to all members of the Alacrify team meaning if someone isn’t in the office or tied up in meetings then someone else can pick up the support query and get started on offering help.

We hope that our clients find it useful and if you do have any support queries then please use our support page. For any emergencies please call us on 01305 265893.

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