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Website Updates for Contact Consulting UK


7th June 2019

We’ve just completed some website updates for Contact Consulting UK and we’re delighted to finally push them live. The updates consisted of a very light touch on the look and feel of the website as it needed a little refresh. We’re really pleased with how it turned out and we hope that users also notice the benefits when it comes to navigating and reading the content.

The old website was starting to appear a little bit crowded with a lot of information being in your face that didn’t necessarily need to be there. With the new design we’ve made things a lot clearer and decluttered the site the best we can. This means that users should have a better experience and be able to find what they’re looking for quicker. We’ve also paid close attention to users on phones and tablets so that any buttons that are clickable are now nice and big making it easier for users.

You can see the new Contact Consulting UK website here:

Along with the updates to the Contact Consulting UK website we also applied the same look and feel to The Learning Huddle. The main difference being a change of colour scheme and choice of images. Again this website is now very clean and relatively simple which ultimately will improve users experience.

You can see the new Learning Huddle website here:

With both websites we also increased and updated the amount of control that the admins of the website have. This means they can pretty much maintain any content they wish on the site with ease.

If you have a website that needs a little touch up then come and talk to us. Call us on 01305 265893 or email us on

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