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NEW Website for R-EM Therapies


8th October 2018

We have just launched a new website for Emma at R-EM Therapies. R-EM Therapies is a new client of Alacrify’s that we’ve thoroughly enjoyed working with.

R-EM came to us needing a new website as the old site was starting to show its age. The old site also wasn’t responsive and was also unsecure which negatively impacted the site's search engine performance aswell as being hard for users to access on their mobiles and tablets. R-EM wanted to change the look and feel of the website to something more simple, clean and clear to navigate. Not only did we come up with a new design, our Content Management System (CMS) was also bolted on (as it is with all our websites) which will make it easier for R-EM to update the site and also perform quicker than it did before.

The new website is now a completely ‘responsive’ design, which means it ‘collapses’ down for all screen sizes including tablets and mobiles. It passes all of Google’s ‘mobile-friendliness’ tests, so it is listed on Google searches as an ‘awesome’ responsive website.

As well as being responsive the site is also now secure. R-EM should start to see the site climb the “Google Ranking Ladder” with these updates. Having a secure site was even more important because R-EM can now handle bookings through the site. Clients can come on to the site and now enquire about booking an appointment.

We also introduced a news page on R-EM’s website so R-EM can post news updates as and when they want. In R-EM’s line of work there is certainly a lot to read about and find out about. R-EM gets inundated with questions and the news area is now a place where R-EM can address these questions and give answers and opinions that can be shared with everyone.

We’re really pleased with how the site turned out and so is R-EM:

"thank you SO much. It's looking amazing, I hope you're really pleased (we are)"

Take a look at the new site here:

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