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Working in the Community


5th May 2018

Working in the Community

One of the first websites that we built when Alacrify was formed as a company in 2005 was for the village in which Jon lived, While the website is now a little dated, and is in the process of being upgraded to our latest design and coding standards, it has consistently provided useful information for the community, and advertised all the groups and activities that take place in the village. It's also promoted local businesses and opportunities to the residents and been a really useful local resource.

This is kind of work has been a consistent theme for us ever since. Over the years we've worked with dozens of community groups, charities and local associations. Some have been large national organisations like Home-Start and Macmillan and others have been small local groups like Try This, the Friends of Dorset County Hospital and Butterflies Cancer Support in Dorchester.

We are proud to be able to support these organisations that do so much to make our world a better and kinder place.

This year we're continuing our community-building with the Dorchester Literary Festival, The Dorchester Community Play, Dorset County Show, Try This Dorchester and the Volunteer Centre while working with many other groups and organisations that we have had long-standing relationships with.

Groups that we work with serve many different people in the community. including people with disabilities, motorcyclists, sailors, historians, genealogists, chess, tennis and squash players, therapy providers, housing association tenants, arts groups, the old and young, parents and children, families and single people. We try to provide services that enable these groups to keep in touch, welcome and include new members, and build the communities that we live in.

Twitter has been a really great tool to amplify this work. We've frequently made introductions between people and organisations who have ended up working together.

We've signposted local projects and services, and used our networks to share the good works, requests for help, campaigns, and news that we read on Twitter too. We try to celebrate the good as well; encouraging and promoting the brilliant projects we hear about. And frequently this weaves its way into our conversations with clients too, especially the community groups; often giving them ideas and insights into how they could also harness social media or improve their website to develop their profile and impact on the local community too.

If you'd like to talk through any ideas for your charity or community group, and chat about the opportunities that might be appropriate for you online do get in touch. Call us on 01305 265 893 or email

Our community work will continue to be a core part of our business just as it's been from the very start of Alacrify...

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