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Is Your Site Responsive? Google’s Rolling out Mobile-First Indexing


1st May 2018

On March 26th (2018) Google announced it’s rolling out ‘Mobile-First Indexing’. So what does this mean?

Essentially Google has made the decision to index pages from mobiles sites first rather than desktop sites. This could have a huge impact if your site isn’t mobile friendly (responsive). If you’re site isn’t responsive then Google is going to put you at the bottom of the pile which could mean your site will be buried in the depths of Google and out of site of your intended audience.

The best way to prepare for the change Google have rolled out is to basically listen to them. If you’d like to read the full article by Google then click here.

How do I know if my site is responsive?

If Alacrify have built your site in the last 5 years then your site is more than likely responsive. All our websites in the last 5 years were built to be responsive as standard. Another way to check if your site is responsive is to view it on a mobile phone, if you’re finding that you are pinching to zoom in to read your site then it’s probably not responsive. If you’d like us to check if your site is responsive then do let us know.

My site isn’t responsive, what can I do?

The short answer is to have the site rebuilt to be responsive. Not rebuilding your site will have a severe negative effect on your Google ranking, which in turn will result in a reduction traffic to your site. Rebuilding the site doesn’t have to mean you completely change the look and feel of the site but sometimes it’s a route worth considering. Most sites can be made responsive using the current design and simply be upgraded to be responsive. Insome cases where certain aspects, aspects of the site may need to be completely reworked to become responsive, but we've found these to be rare.

If you’d like to talk to us about your website and discuss the options that are available then call us on 01305 265 893 or email us

Quickly skimmed this article and want the headlines?

  • If you’re site isn’t responsive then make the upgrade (talk to Alacrify on the best way to go about this)
  • Read into Google’s new indexing algorithms or speak to us about them! (it’s what we do day to day)

If you’re concerned about the new changes proposed by Google or want to check if you’re site is responsive and meets the new guidelines then give us a call on 01305 265 893 or email us

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