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New Website for Dorchester Tennis and Squash Club


26th January 2018

Alacrify is pleased to announce the relaunch of the Dorchester Tennis & Squash Club website.

Dorchester Tennis & Squash Club is one of our first websites to be launched in 2018 with many more to come. It’s been a really great project to work on especially with Dorchester Tennis & Squash Club being local to us. It replaces a site we designed for them many years ago. The previous version of the site was not "responsive" (i.e. it didn't work as well as it could on mobile and tablet devices), and so Dorchester Tennis & Squash Club felt it was time to update the site and to become ‘Mobile Friendly’.

The website is now a completely ‘responsive’ design, which means it ‘collapses’ down for all screen sizes including tablets and mobiles. It passes all of Google’s ‘mobile-friendliness’ tests, so it is listed on Google searches as an ‘awesome’ responsive website.

The new website has an updated look and feel about it and a very clear structure so as a user of the site you know exactly what section you are in, whether you’re looking for tennis, racketball, squash, club news or viewing content as a Member. Not only did we redesign the website but we assisted with bringing over all the content that was on the previous version including all the galleries and members.

We’re really happy with the new website and we’re looking forward to supporting Dorchester Tennis & Squash Club over the years to come.

Take a look at the new website:

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