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Booking Workshops


29th October 2007

Booking Workshops

This week we are working on a set of updates for the ACAT website to allow Conference delegates to be able to book into a set of available workshops when they've registered for the Conference.

This has been a complicated little puzzle to solve as the conference is taking place over 2 different days and the workshops are being run in 4 possible time-slots. Add to this the fact that there are around 10 different workshops with different maximum group capacities and different availability on each day, and you end up with quite a headache!

We've now nailed down the logic that allows us to administer all these workshops and perform validations on the bookings to ensure that the workshops aren't already full, and that a particular workshop hasn't already been booked by a delegate, and we're now moving on to the logic that shows only the workshops available on the days that the delegate has paid for. We should have the system integrated with the conference bookings and working live by the middle of next week all being well.

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