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Angelus Violin Repairs and Violin Sales - A Small Site Makes A Big Impact


23rd September 2016

Angelus Violin Repairs And Violin Sales - A Small Site Makes A Big Impact

Angelus Violin Repairs and Sales is very unusual for us to make one-page or two-page websites these days. Most sites need multiple pages of content to really compete with the websites of other businesses on the internet. Occasionally though there is an exception to this rule, and for us is a great case in point.

The website is for a long established violin repair and restoration business in Sussex, with over 30 years experience in the trade. We created a single page website to promote the business about 6 months ago, putting only essential information on to the site; location, service description and contact details. This approach was possible because of the niche nature of the business and the high density of keywords we could naturally use on the page. It was also intended to be targeted solely at the local geographical area, and therefore the balance of content we developed reflected these targets. Once the site was launched it was indexed rapidly and started to receive traffic within a couple of days.

Since it was launched there has been a steady stream of people, with highly targeted and relevant needs, visiting the website and making contact with the business. The niche marketing model has indeed delivered the kind of custom to the business that was intended.

Today we have added a second page to the site to promote the sales of restored antique violins that are also available from Angelus Violins. We will see if this also has a similar success as the weeks and month progress.

You can view the website here:

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