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Launch of The Hashtag Directory


7th December 2015

Launch of The Hashtag Directory

We have just launched a new project of ours, The Hashtag Directory. A free digital marketing resource for finding the perfect hashtag for you.

The easy search function of the site means it’s easy to find the perfect hashtag for you in seconds. As well as searching for hashtags, you may also discover new hashtags that could benefit you by browsing through the site. We collect all the current business hours and popular hashtags so you don't have to, saving you time and letting you jump straight into Twitter.

The website is also a responsive design so you can benefit from using it no matter what device you are on.

There are 2 sides to the website, one is for users wishing to discover new hashtags that will help them promote their messages on Twitter. The other side of the website is for the people who have Twitter accounts dedicated to hashtags and networking hours. These users can sign up and manage their account on our site and also have the option of doing some advertisement on our site to gain some traffic on the hashtag.

We will continue to build up our database of hashtags and networking hours so you don’t have to, we are also open to suggestions if you have any you want us to add.

If you are looking to discover hashtags or networking hours that could benefit your business or Twitter in general then visit The Hashtag Directory today and find your perfect hashtag match.

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