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Brand New Website Launched For Tutor, Michelle Holgeth


24th September 2015

Brand New Website Launched For Tutor, Michelle Holgeth

The website is called In-Tuition Tutoring has been built for Michelle Holgeth, and is completely "responsive". This means it is completely friendly with any type of device or screen size. It also means it is easy for her students to navigate around her site.

The new website is a tutoring website where potential students and current students can go and see what lessons/tutoring Michelle can provide them. With the integration of a Google Calendar her students can see when she is available and when she isn’t, so they can plan ahead.

We are extremely pleased with how the website looks and we have had nothing but good comments from Michelle also.

A quick testimonial from Michelle:

'Having my own website has always been a dream.  I wanted to embrace the power of the internet to reach audiences you can't do in any other way.  Thanks to Alacrify, this dream was realised.  My concerns about the technicalities and complexities of website construction were completed absorbed by Alacrify; I simply had to provide the content.  The communication, from start to finish, technical support, simplified user guides and quality of work has been second to none.  Alacrify doesn't just stand for 'to rouse to action'; it stands for outstanding service.Michelle Holgeth, September 2015

If you have a website that is in need of an upgrade or even if you don’t have a website and you would like to talk about what’s possible, then get in touch today –

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