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Continuing Improvements


4th August 2007

Continuing Improvements

Since the new ACAT website was launched we have continued to respond to requests for additional improvements. In most cases these have been resolved by small changes to the design, or by having better explanations available to show people what to do. Other changes have been more substantial.

Financial Reporting for example has been greatly extended to make full use of the data that is now stored on the system. Searches by transaction type and date now return the sorts of reports that were only dreamt of by ACAT in previous years when they relied on paper-based accounting. And of course it's all live data, and all at the push of a button.

We're currently preparing a new module to help store individual learning and professional development information for members, to supplement the existing training system that is now built into the site.

This will mean that all members can keep track of their CPD if they wish, and that a seamless cumulative record of professional training and development can be stored; a goal that is part of the professional practice guidelines of most psychotherapy organisations.

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