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#ThursdayThanks - Making A Difference by Saying Thank You


21st January 2015

#ThursdayThanks - Making A Difference by Saying Thank You

#ThursdayThanks on TwitterThis new year we wanted to do something as a business that would try and help to make the world a little better. We've come up with the idea of launching and curating a new Twitter hashtag called #ThursdayThanks

Our aim is simple; to give people a focus (a place one a day a week) to publically acknowledge and say thanks for the good things that so many people do for one another every day. Simple things, small things and big things.

We feel this is part of the online "values revolution" that so many brilliant people are engaged in; trying to use online services to build community, friendship and reach out with kindness and consideration to the world and one another.

So follow @ThursdayThank and keep an eye out for #ThursdayThanks this Thursday; tell your friends and colleagues and let's see what we can do.

"Thank you!"

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