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Upgrading To A Responsive Website - Is It Worth it?


19th June 2014

Upgrading To A Responsive Website - Is It Worth it?

First off, let us start with saying that yes, it absolutely is worth upgrading to a full responsive website design.

Now let’s run through why…

Almost everyone carries a smartphone around with them these days, so why doesn’t everyone have a responsive website? We all browse the internet on our phones, and having a website that doesn’t function well on a mobile site is more than enough to deter users from revisiting your site, on their mobile or on a desktop.

For e-commerce sites, this becomes crucial. If your website doesn’t provide functionality for mobile devices, you’re missing out on a huge amount of potential conversions as around 30% of your website's traffic is coming from mobiles.

While ease of use is one of the key reasons why upgrading to a responsive site is important, let us not ignore the SEO side of it. Google has recently made a move to improve the user experience of mobile search users, and as such, will favour responsive websites in mobile searches. Having one URL makes it simple for Google to crawl and index your content, which increases your chances of higher search rankings.

Case Study

We recently worked with Quintessential B&B who have been ranked on page 1 for ‘Luxury Bed and Breakfast’ for some time due to their fantastic SEO work (that we've guided and advised upon) over the years. However, they finally decided the time was right to upgrade to a responsive site and with our support and guidance we were able to provide a smooth transition from their old site to their new one.

Quintessential Bed & Breakfast

At the same time as going live with their responsive site, the choice was made to also reduce expenditure on Adwords. However, this did not result in a drop in traffic as you may have expected, but actually resulted in a rise as mobile traffic increased with the site's new functionality and organic traffic grew to fill in the gap (and more).

If you are interested in discussing an upgrade to a responsive website, please give us a call on 01305 753769 or e-mail us at

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