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Google page 1 listing within an hour!


29th October 2013

Google page 1 listing within an hour!

We are normally conservative when estimating the time updates to our clients websites can take to appear on Google, however on this occasion, we even surprised ourselves!

We have been assisting Creeds - Design & Print with improving the performance and restructuring the content, of their existing Wordpress website. To compliment this, we have also been creating engaging posts promoting the variety of printed items that they produce.

The image below shows a genuine page 1 listing on for 'custom printed diaries', showing the time of '55 minutes' since the post went live.

Google page 1 listing within an hour

There are a number of points to consider when looking at this result:

  • The search term 'custom printed diaries' is specific, but is still relevant to the target market. It is also competitive - as shown by Vistaprint and specialised website '' naturally occupying the top organic positions, with a number of paid-for listings around the edge of the page.
  • As an established website, would stand a better chance of being indexed on google much quicker than a freshly launched website because google will have already built up a picture (and associated score) of their website. Initially, all new websites are unknown by google, which can take time and effort to address and improve upon.
  • Organic search listings will always vary due to the way Google constantly analyses and refines them for every search term, ensuring only the most appropriate listings are returned.
  • It's not a complete fluke by us! - Creeds are regularly within the top 2 organic positions for a similarliy competitive search term 'charity calendar printing'.

If you have an established website that needs some extra SEO help, then why not call us on 01305 753769. (Sadly, page 1 guarantees still can't be given - but we will try our best!)

(The search was performed using a browser in private mode to prevent past browsing history affecting results - explanation.)

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