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Alacrify's Winning Approach To Digital Marketing


10th October 2013

Alacrify's Winning Approach To Digital Marketing

Long Tail Marketing Wins with HummingbirdWe have always taken the view that Google and the search engines are on our side and that if we play fair, they'll (eventually) be able to realise this and find ways to give precedence to the types of sites we build for our clients. Now with Google's latest "Hummingbird" algorithm changes we are even more convinced that our approach is right.

The Telegraph reported; "One beneficial result of Hummingbird should be that it creates a more even and fairer playing field for ‘the long tail’ of website publishers. Search keywords are dominated by large companies and brands who can afford to win the search word bidding war created by Google. Semantic search results are less predictable, and should enable small and niche website providers to gain a higher page ranking when a precise and complex search phrase is used."

Our fair play policy of creating sites that are highly meaningful and address real questions for real people means we're increasingly well placed to be more highly featured in these search results from now on. [and by the way we were doing very well already under the old system too!]

Our long-tail approach to marketing also has the added benefit of getting closer to the real needs and real buying signals of potential customers and increases the visitor quality to our clients' sites. 

Call us if you'd like to discuss how our approach can help build your brand or business in this rapidly changing world of online business. 01305 753 769

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