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A Guide To Pinterest


22nd August 2013

A Guide To Pinterest


Pinterest recently overtook Facebook as one of the main sources of traffic for e-commerce sites grabbing around 41% of all e-commerce traffic compared to Facebooks 37%.

With this it’s vital for businesses online to capitalise on Pinterest, especially if you’re an e-commerce site. We’ll show just how it easy it is to set-up a Pinterest board and begin building your sites SEO value via Pinterest, thus increasing your sites traffic.


1. Create your account and you’ll be presented with ‘Follow 5 Boards To Get Started’. These are topics you wish to follow and will later ‘Like’ and ‘Pin’ images from.

2. You’ll be guided through a quick tour of Pinterest. Once finished, your account will be show at the top right of the browser. If you click the Pin Image, it will have a selection of options including ‘Your Boards’. Click This and ‘Create A Board’.

3. Name your board with the keywords of your product categories that you’re selling and include rich SEO copy for the description.

4. Now you’ve created your first Pin Board, It’s time to ‘Add a Pin’. This is where the real SEO value is.

5. You’ll be presented with 3 options, “From a computer”, “From a website” or “From Pinterest”. Click the relevant one depending on where the image you want to ‘Pin’ is from. (The easiest way is to copy the URL of the product off your site).

6. If you are pinning images directly from your website, paste the URL into the ‘Find Images’ bar.

Pinterest7. The image(s) it finds with that URL will be shown at the top left, select the image you wish to use and fill in the details for it, again another chance to use a few keywords.

If your Image URL is the same as the product page, it will automatically create a link for you to that product page, creating great SEO value!

8. Otherwise once you’ve finished adding in the details, click ‘See Pin Now’ and edit the details, change the ‘Source’ URL to the relevant product page URL.

PinterestNow whenever you have a new product, add it to your Pin Board and reap the benefits of Pinterest and its SEO value. 

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