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Location SEO For Seven Springs Studios


17th July 2013

Location SEO For Seven Springs Studios

Recently, our Dorset based client Seven Springs Studios expanded and moved to Berkshire. One of the issues they faced in making this move was ensuring their company was known in an unknown territory.

Alacrify were given the task of optimising their website for the Berkshire region as well as the immediate surrounding towns to Aldermaston, where their new studio is now based.

We set out brainstorming and researching the county and towns, what keywords were the most competitive? What would be best for Seven Springs Studios to target? After conversing with the client we produced an action plan and set out to begin our SEO journey with Seven Springs Studios.

After just a month of copywriting for Seven Springs Studios, we’ve begun to see some great results. We were more than happy to report back to Seven Springs Studios that we hit page 1 on Google’s SERP’s for the keyword phrases we had agreed and set out to target. Whilst Seven Springs Studios saw the effects for themselves as enquiries started to come through via our created content.

Not happy stopping there, Seven Springs Studios have come back to Alacrify asking us to sprinkle some more SEO magic onto their site with further targets and we hope to continually match their expectations.

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