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SEO Search Engine Optimisation - Alacrify Style


9th May 2013

SEO Search Engine Optimisation - Alacrify Style

SEO - Alacrify StyleI recently was asked by a client to say a bit more about our approach to Search Engine Optimisation [SEO] and how we really tackle the whole world of digital marketing. This is what I wrote:

"As requested, here's a little bit more about the way we work and what we do here at Alacrify in the world of digital marketing and SEO."

"The first thing is we are completely client-centric. We are commited to providing appropriate and valuable projects for our clients. In order to do this we work hard to get under the skin of our clients' businesses and understand how we can contribute to the bigger picture of their ambitions and targets in their sector. We don't have a "one-size fits all" mentality about what we do. We look really hard at what could be done and work out the best possible solution for the particular constraints of time, budget and business need."

"With this starting point we then offer a range of services to our clients depending on their needs and budgets. These can range from a fully managed marketing solution in which we provide research, copywriting, and management of a marketing campaign for a specified period of time, to providing training and consultancy to improve the clients' own in-house capability for managing digital campaigns into the future. We can also provide mentoring / consultancy services on a retained basis in which we monitor the clients' marketing and help guide and structure their activities so they get the best return for their investment. We're also happy to provide one-off consultancy services to review and audit current marketing efforts and identify opportunities for improvement."

"Our approach to digital marketing is to consider the whole of the business' potential digital footprint and impact. This includes websites, but may incorporate email or mailing list management, Pay-Per-Click campaigns (in Google, Yahoo or Facebook), and social media opportunities. In our experience, getting the right message and medium for each market is key to unlocking the business' digital marketing potential."

"The other key value that we are passionate about is that we don't make wild claims for performance. You won't find us claiming to reach #1 on Google for every search term under the sun, or to send thousands of visitors to your site per day; instead we are committed to providing valuable traffic to your website and business. This means attracting people who are already prequalified leads, already in the mood to buy, already interested in your type of products/services. Through our activities we try and sift out the good visitors and leads for you by the way we structure the marketing activity and campaigns."

"The result of this may only be modest gains in visitor numbers to your website, but we aim to deliver a significant improvement in the quality of visitor to your site, and therefore a better conversion rate for visitor sales."

"We take this approach with our on-site SEO and with PPC and other external marketing for our clients. The seamless and consistent strategy is easy to understand and much more effective and practical to deliver."

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