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Busy Busy Spring for Dorset Web Design


30th April 2013

Busy Busy Spring for Dorset Web Design

Springtime energy at Dorset Web Designers, AlacrifyHere at Alacrify our Dorset web design and digital marketing business is going through a vigorous period of growth and springtime activity. 

This week sees the official confirmation of the two new apprentices as part of our team here at the Top O'Town in Dorchester. James and Rob are now on the payroll and will be enrolled in the government's National Apprenticeship scheme on 1st May. 

We're really thrilled to have found such able and enthusiastic members of the team. They're a real asset to the company and it's great to have them working with us.

We've also been engaged on numerous new projects for the spring and summer. Our tally for successfully updating websites is continuing to grow as we've just redesigned and relaunched the B&B website for the Old Manor, Halford in the Cotswolds. We're also working on 3 more re-designs/re-builds this month.

In the current creative mix are some prestigious new clients who we're delighted to be working with. Look out for news in the coming weeks as we start to develop and launch some of these websites.

We're also being engaged to do more and more SEO and "pure" digital marketing. This means putting on our thinking caps and dreaming up marketing campaigns that help our clients to really stand out from the crowd and reach out to their targeted audiences as effectively as possible.

Give us a ring if you're looking for this kind of service to build your presence on the web - remember, having a website is just like having a business card, it does nothing for you unless you get it in front of people's noses...! Call Jon on 01305 753769 if you'd like to see what we can do for you.

In short, the spring is looking to be full of new things for us and our clients, and we're really enjoying the challenges and rewards that this new growth is bringing to us all at Alacrify.

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