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Joined Up Email and Print Marketing from Alacrify


28th March 2013

Joined Up Email and Print Marketing from Alacrify

Joined Up Email and Print Marketing

This week we have been working on a print and email marketing campaign for High Technology Lighting

In addition to printing an A3 folded mini-brochure to introduce the new website and business services to clients and distributors, we have also created a new, matching MailChimp campaign to be sent to their email contacts.

This joined-up design and delivery means that the HTL sales team can have materials to leave with clients after sales visits, plus distribution partners can hear about the latest news directly by email without having to save paper copies for future reference.

This combined approach is more efficient and more economical than relying on a purely print method for keeping in touch with partners and clients.

You can sign up for their lighting news here

If you're looking for help to with a joint print and email campaign give us a ring and talk through your ideas. 01305 753769 or email

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