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Alacrify Goes Fibre


27th March 2013

Alacrify Goes Fibre

This week Alacrify is being connected to fibre broadband by CommsUK.

They are upgrading their already excellent service, which has seen us getting speeds of 6M down and 500k up consistently at the new office, to 25M down and 8M up from the middle of this week.

This will mean a couple of days of service disruption here while the line is switched over and the service beds in. If our last move is a measure of performance then it shouldn't cause too much upheaval and we'll be back online as quickly as possible.

We apologise for any apparent lack of progress on our clients' projects while the broadband is updated, but can assure everyone that we are continuing to work offline to get our updates ready for upload as soon as re-connection is completed.

We are certain that the upheaval will be worth it, as we now many more people working online from the office and many more files being transferred to and from our clients' websites, so the broadband speed and capacity increase should increase our productivity and efficiency as a business too.

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