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Product photography with Seven Springs Studios

Published on: 21st February 2013
By Alacrify

Product photography with Seven Springs Studios

At Alacrify we are happy to offer a range of services to our clients to compliment our digital marketing and website work. 

Last week we ran a photo shoot for one of our clients, Moth Prevention, shooting new storage bags to help people keep their clothes protected from moths.

Andy Whale, Dorset based photographer of Seven Springs Studios has experience in all areas of photography from album covers and magazines to portraits and products, so it was great to experience a bit of life behind the lense! 

If you need help with photography, print work or anything else for your business, do give us a call as we are bound to know the right people to work with to acheive the desired results.

Click here for Seven Springs Studios.

Click here for Moth Prevention's range of moth proof bags.

Dorset photographer Andy Whale


New Website For Osmington Village Hall

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Relaunch Of Weymouth And Portland Info Website

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