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Building New Marketing Campaign for Dorset Roofers


15th March 2012

Building New Marketing Campaign for Dorset Roofers

We are currently working on a new online marketing campaign for Dorset roofers, O'brien Roofing.

Regional Marketing Online

O'brien Roofing LogoStarting with building a series of news stories on their website we are working to build their online presence for all the towns and villages in their catchment area of West Dorset.

We will then be building out a series of pages that will build up the information about their specialist services and expertise.

The use of their website's news channel to do this will give them a double bite of SEO goodness, with fresh content being published every couple of days (keeping Google's hunger for fresh content satisfied) along with building out the volume of on-topic content on their website (making sure Google gets a good feed when the spiders visit).

If you're interested in discussing how we could help you with your promotions in a similar way then please get in touch: 01300 320076.

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