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Ordering Employers on Facebook


30th January 2012

Ordering Employers on Facebook

As I run, or am involved in, several business at the moment I wanted to put them all onto Facebook; however I also wanted to make sure that Alacrify was shown as my primary employer.

When I recently added in a new business to Facebook it asked for the start date as part of the record. I typed it in as requested and then found that the new company had become my primary employment record. 

I searched high and low to see how to order employer records on Facebook and see if they could be moved or re-ordered, but no, Facebook seems to like showing them in chronological order whenever it has enough information to do so.

The only way I could reinstate Alacrify at the top of the list was to remove the start date from all the other current employers' records and just put in a start date for my main employer: Alacrify. Then everything slotted into place perfectly again.

Hope this helps!

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