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New Moth Prevention Retailer Launches in West Dorset


30th January 2012

New Moth Prevention Retailer Launches in West Dorset

[Here's a press release we sent out last week to our local media]


West Dorset has become home to a new national retailer of moth prevention products throughout the UK. Founders and Maiden Newton residents, Adam Smith and Jon Sloper, made a conscious choice to set up locally, reducing travel and commuting time, drawing on local expertise and staying within their local community to build the business.

Moth Prevention

Maiden Newton’s business community now includes more than 50 SMEs within the village. draws on Adam and Jon’s combined expertise in online retail and business development, and seeks to meet a growing need for prevention and treatment of clothes moths infestation and damage. The proposition is The UK’s Widest Range for Moth Control - there are a lot of sophisticated and effective products beyond moth balls! Early signs indicate that there is a significant market for their products, with research showing that an estimated 1.5 million homes in the UK have experienced problems with moths.

“With good phone, broadband and delivery connections you can set up online businesses almost anywhere.” comments Jon, “And working near to home and using other local businesses’ services gives a feel-good factor that is hard to beat.”

The pair are not only building a new business themselves, but are taking their experiences out to other people, offering support and help to other people and businesses who want to make more of their current web businesses or start up new businesses online. The business development and website building work is run through Jon’s company, Alacrify (a word that means “to rouse up, or inspire”), which has been building sites and systems for many Dorset businesses and communities, from the Dorset County Show and, to Dukes Auctions and Portland Port.

Adam’s background includes managing the development and launch of the Dixons’ Stores Group ecommerce websites on the internet in the early 2000’s as well as working on the fast-growth development of Bid-TV and Price-Drop TV. Jon has worked with dozens of small businesses over the past 15 years; providing online business marketing, websites and business systems for SMEs to blue chip multinationals.

Picking moth prevention as a business may seem unusual, but their solid and tested business approach is already driving a great success with day one orders and growing week-on-week sales and recommendations since the business was launched just before Christmas. 

Adam comments: “We’re thrilled with the start of the new business and it is particularly satisfying to help customers who need fast help and are often very upset about their problems with moths!  We’re also very pleased to be able to create a ‘proof of concept’ business to demonstrate our capabilities to our consulting clients – this is a ‘first’ for a consultancy business as far as we are aware, and should set us apart from the many small online marketing agencies in Dorset with tangible evidence of our capabilities.” 

Why Maiden Newton?

The founders of Frampton Retail live in the large village of Maiden Newton in West Dorset and it is a short journey to work for the other staff members.  Being an online retail business selling throughout the UK, the actual business location does not matter for serving customers – one of the advantages of running a retail business without a physical storefront.

Space to operate at relatively low rental cost was available and local staff availability is good – there is a team of 4 involved with the business currently, but as the business grows we expect to recruit additional members to the team locally.  Providing employment opportunities in the area is important to the local economy and the location of our business in Maiden Newton has already benefitted other businesses in the village.

Frampton Retail is proud to have joined the thriving local business community in Dorset.



About Frampton Retail and Alacrify: 

Frampton Retail was set up in November 2011 to run online retail businesses. Alacrify Ltd provides consultancy services to other businesses, particularly focussing on local businesses requiring an online presence for the first time, or needing proven skills to assist with their online marketing to drive their business forward.

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