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News from on @OSEsafety and @OSEenvironment


21st December 2011

News from on @OSEsafety and @OSEenvironment

We have just built a section for the OSEdirectory website to allow news stories to be added and published online.

The stories are either written by or commissioned by OSEdirectory, or are created directly by their advertisers.

News section on OSEdirectory

The Health and Safety and Environmental directory is a multilanguage source of information about products, services and companies for health and safety and environmental monitoring.

The news is automatically fed to Twitter and is followed by over 2,000 people and businesses on their two Twitter accounts.

News section on OSE Directory

The goal of these changes is to provide even more helpful information to people about Health and Safety and Environmental Monitoring issues around the world, and increase the SEO richness of the website along the way.

Take a look at the site and the new pages for yourself:

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