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Fast Increase in Visitors from Google for New Website


30th November 2011

Fast Increase in Visitors from Google for New Website

We've seen quick growth in visitor numbers on the new site for Southampton Ice Skating.

This has been achieved by a well planned mixture of both online and offline marketing.

Alongside the online marketing, some traditional print media adverts have been used to let people know about the new rink that is in Southampton city centre for the winter.

The online story has centred around making sure the site is highly optimised for the search engine indexing; making sure it is super-fast to load; making sure it is properly referencing the important keywords for the rink like "ice skating", "southampton", "holiday", "family", etc.

We've also run a daily news story about the rink to make sure Google retains interest in the site and realises that it is active and interesting. These stories are then sent to the rink's Twitter account @SotonIceSkating

The site has also been referenced and linked to from a number of other local websites.

The result is fast growth in visitor number from week one of the site's launch, and a high conversion rate to bookings.

We're delighted with the results and are really pleased to see the rink is such a success.

Check out the site for yourself and see what we've done.

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