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Beta Test of xampe Going Well


8th November 2011

Beta Test of xampe Going Well

@xampeNews. Our early adoption of xampe's online business administration app is proving really fruitful already.

In just a couple of sessions we've already got over 25% of our data loaded and functioning on xampe's business administration system and already it's proving its value.

xampe Report's Real Value

xampe - online business administration servicesWe needed to run a spot check on our SEO terms on our clients websites to check they were all up to date, and through xampe we were able to run the report and get back a set of data on over 100 sites that  we'd added within just 15 seconds; that's the total time it took from the time we thought about it to being able to read the report. It was brilliant!

The beta phase isn't without a few glitches though and we've already passed on some comments and suggestions for improvements that have been taken on and added to the system; things like small tweaks to the presentation of the information and one or two occasions when the action buttons didn't make sense, or didn't behave as we'd expected.

xampe Online Task Management

The most exciting and interesting part of xampe for us at the moment is the fact that it allows us to integrate lots of vital information in one coherent place. It also allows us to report on our work and projects at the touch of a button (as I mentioned above) and create analyses of our business that we'd have never been able to do before.

Improving business performance and control

The other significant benefit has been with the task management options in xampe. We've used this to structure our activity for the forthcoming week, allocating tasks and actions amongst the team directly from the xampe application.

Previously we tried using BaseCamp to do this, which was excellent, but still was disconnected from our other business information. This time we've managed to keep all the information connected; linking people, projects and businesses all together. This naturally makes the whole picture easier to see, and also makes it easier to find related information whenever you need it.

We'll post more notes as we get more familiar with xampe; intial results are really promising though.

If you're interested in finding out more about xampe click here:, or call us on 01300 320076.

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