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New Site Designs and Rebrands


22nd September 2011

New Site Designs and Rebrands

This month we've had a flurry of new website designs come our way, along with a number of sites that need to be redesigned to make a better impression on the web.

The redesigns are for a variety of reasons. Some want a fresh look for a dated-looking site. Some want better SEO performance for their sites. Others want to utilise new web technology on their site. And some have changed the focus of their business and now need their site to be updated to reflect this.

One of the aspects of being a flexible design company is that we get to work on sites in all sectors of the economy. So this group of new opportunities for us covers engineering, construction, accommodation, retail, catering, garden design, ice skating, and sport!

We've also been launching a number of sites this month, and we'll drop a note on our news pages soon to introduce them all to you soon.

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