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Positive Feedback from Relaunched Website


1st September 2011

Positive Feedback from Relaunched Website

The comments have been really positive since the launch of the new website for ACAT (the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy),

ACAT's new website

"Firstly I want to say how much I love the new website. The visual design is stunning, the new pages contain some great info and the site seems extremely user friendly."

"Congratulations on a fabulous looking, well organised and easy to use website, it works really well!"

"Fabulous!  This is such an improvement.  The new web site expresses the professionalism and accessibility of CAT.  It’s going to attract more people, and the descriptions of what CAT is about will help to make people more confident about their choices and options. It looks much more cheerful too... This new design is far easier to navigate than the last one (and I particularly like the little note at the top telling me where I am)."

"I’ve been using the website this morning a lot and it is very good, everything I have used has been in the right place and I have managed to get information off it very quickly – what an improvement!"

Check out the new site for yourself and send us your feedback. It's really helpful to receive comments on our work as it always leads to improvements and positive developments in the future.

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