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Summer News from Alacrify


20th July 2011

Summer News from Alacrify

Once again we've got a wonderfully mixed orderbook of new sites and development on the go at the moment. From websites for therapy (4 of them no less!) to show jumping, engineering, financial services, leisure, retail and construction we seem to be working in almost every sector of the economy at the moment.

This mix is something that is completely fascinating and brings enormous creativity to our working week. Although in some respects there are obviously going to be shared aspects to all our work - everyone wants to be top of Google for instance - the opportunity to learn about these diverse businesses is a real joy and endlessly fascinating.

Weymouth and Portland's New Community Website

We've also been working on our own (out of hours) projects on the web too, putting together a new community website for Weymouth and Portland based on our experience of developing Maiden Newton's successful site over the past year. The scale of the new site is vast and it's likely to take a few months before it's reached the level of content and information that we've planned for it.

Exeter Symphony Orchestra

Alongside these new builds we're also developing and enhancing some of our long-standing clients' sites. Bay Publishing are making changes to reflect their growing business, Dry Island's "Islonia" website now has a growing number of virtual citizens on it, Exeter Symphony Orchestra and the Roman Finds Group, among others, are taking advantage of our new version content management system.

We're looking forward to showcasing each of them here on our news pages as each site goes live. Watch this space...

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