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30th June 2011

Really useful advice and support with starting a new business is invaluable.

It is rare that a new business startup will begin with all the answers in place, however much experience the new entrepreneur has accumulated in their previous work experience.

Finding good sources of support and advice is really important in filling in the gaps in your knowledege and providing a "sounding board" for your new business ideas.

Expert Advice and Commonsense Questions for New Business Startups

We've been fortunate all the way through the growth of Alacrify to have honest and thoughtful input from friends and family. Some of the advice and input was at the "expert" end of the spectrum, but equally important was the "commonsense" - say what you see - commentary too.

Sometimes the obvious questions are the most liberating to answer and provide the most room for growth and development. "Why do you do that?" "Why do it that way?" "What's that for?" Suddenly the answers provide an opportunity for positive change.

Web Advice for New Businesses

We see lots of new business startups in the course of our work and it's fascinating to spend time hearing about the dreams and ideas behind them.

This past month we've talked to a cycle tour organiser, a horse riding coach, a decorative furniture artist, a hotelier, a therapy organisation, an engineering company and several others. Each sharing their vision and plans for their new businesses.

It's our responsibility to provide honest and practical solutions and advice about what a website can do for a new business in each specific case. And so each conversation is different, each solution offered is tailored to the entrepreneur's goals and ambitions.

Searching for help with new business startups

Getting a New Business Website that is Fit For Purpose

A new website is now an integral part of a new business launch and we're keen to help our clients get the most out of their new business online. And to set off on the right foot.

How to make the new website work for you is key.

That means we need to take time to understand the new business' aims. Just throwing a site together isn't enough. Just buying a "cheap", "off the peg" solution won't give you the results you need. (Unless you're already skilled in internet marketing of course!) Building an effective site takes hard work, thought, and planning.

Top Ranked Websites

We're always striving to make our clients' sites reach the top of Google's search listings. But, we don't promise that we'll always succeed in every situation. No-one is going to knock the big players in a sector off their pedestals with a new build website. It can't be done, well not immediately anyway!

Some companies will promise the number one spot for all their new sites. Life's not like that. The maths and the search algorithms just don't work like that. Sorry! It's a fact.

We prefer a more realistic and practical approach.

We look for key, unique and sometimes niche aspects of our clients' businesses. Then we try and help them get inside the heads of their customers to consider how and what their customers may be searching for on the web and how that might relate to their business. Then we create convincing and useful pages to that are targeted to those search topics.

Delivering Web Results

And when we've understood the client, and the client's understood the goals of the site, and we've built the new site for them, then the work begins to build the traffic and promote the business; implementing the strategy we've developed to help them grow their new business effectively on the web.

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