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New Website Designs and New Customers


21st June 2011

New Website Designs and New Customers

We've been spending the past week working hard on several brand new websites for our customers as well as getting to know a number of new customers who have asked us to work with them on their websites.

It's a creative mixture of relationship-building and design inspiration as well as a chance to get to know our new customers' businesses inside and out.

Quite why we've had such a lot of new business enquiries just at this point is always slightly a mysterious process if I'm honest. Usually they are more evenly spread. Something in the ether maybe? But the cross fertilization of ideas and insights really enriches the process for everyone.

Interestingly in this current crop of requests there seems to be a 80:20 split in the enquiries between re-build and new build requests, with more people wanting us to work to improve / redevelop / redesign their existing websites and help improve their offering to visitors on the web than people wanting a new website for a new business startup.

We're hoping to launch at least 3 new sites in the next week or so. We're just waiting for some final tweaks and a bit of polishing up of text and then we'll introduce them to you...

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