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Improving Underperforming Websites - Getting More For Your Money


3rd June 2011

Improving Underperforming Websites - Getting More For Your Money

The most frequent comment we hear from prospective clients is that they are disappointed with the way that their current website is performing.

Often they've had a presence on the internet for several years, but have yet to really see the benefit.

Often their website is only found when you add the business name to a search phrase, which shows just how bad things have become - how can you put yourself in front of new clients who haven't heard of you when you can only be found when someone types in your business name? It's a "Catch 22".

Often they've picked up mixed messages and expectations about what their website can and can't do for their business.

Improving Website Performance

This is usually the starting point for a much bigger discussion in which they start to explain what they'd hoped to get out of being online. We then open this up to find out what their business is all about and what their wider goals are.

Improving Business Website Performance

Even if this was done when the site was originally launched, there have usually been some changes in the business since then and of course there have been LOADS of changes to the web.

Through the discussions we then offer an insight into what can be done with websites at the moment, explaining what a business can expect from being on the web, how web marketing works, how websites need to plug into the main drivers and goals of the business, and really build a clear brief for the business' reasons for being on the web.

Free Advice About Marketing Your Business On The Web

Usually we give lots of this website development advice for free. Frequently we are then given the chance to work with the client to put the ideas into practice. Free advice about web marketing is not just part of our own marketing agenda, it's part of our values.

We like working with businesses and supporting them and seeing them flourish online. If we're able to build or rebuild their business website as part of the process then that is especially satisfying.

If you'd like to talk about how your website is performing and have a chat about how it might be improved then do give us a call on 01300 320076 or email

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