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Our Website Training in Dorset is Personal


11th May 2011

Our Website Training in Dorset is Personal

People investing in a new website with a clever Content Management System sometimes overlook the need to plan for its ongoing use. That was the theme of a recent article on one of the web design news websites.

They concluded that, in some cases, the business owners forgot that once the site is delivered it is then their responsibility to keep it fresh and up to date.

This was an interesting and timely observation as we've just delivered a whole bunch of new websites and have been working very closely with our clients to make sure that they're happy to pick up the baton and continue to grow their new sites once they've been launched.

Training is key to success

Lots of Recent Web Training for Clients

In the past few weeks we've run several training sessions here in the office, and out with clients, showing them how to use and get the most from their websites.

Our one-to-one website training has a clear end in mind, but we're completely flexible in how we work with our clients to achieve the goal.

The clients' spectrum of experience and confidence is broad, from nervous newbies to experienced experts and so we're keen to make our training as appropriate as possible and as enjoyable and comfortable an experience as we can.

We also usually find that the learning process is gradual. An initial training usually goes well, and then is followed up over the folloing weeks with a diminishing number of "quick question" phone calls as the client tries the system and begins to get more confident in using it.

Training is a Key to Online Success

This investment in training is key to these sites becoming successful. The clients' continuing efforts to maintain the site will ensure the long term performance of the site. Our design input and initial SEO alone will only ever get so far in the long run, it's the clients' input that will make the sites a real success.

Our web training is not just technical. We also help the clients discover what it is they want to say through their site, or in their news or blog. Usually we've already discussed this in the early design discussions.

We help to break through that "writers' block" by coming up with a maintenance strategy to help with finding good and interesting things to write about.

This combination of practical training and inspiration usually helps the site owner to grow in confidence and really be able to make the most of the new site we've built for them. And in the long term the site becomes much more useful to the business as a result.

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