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New Blogs Bring Great Results


14th April 2011

New Blogs Bring Great Results

Keeping your website up to date is a vital strand in promoting your business online.

It serves two definite purposes. Firstly it gives your customers (and friends and family) a reason to pay a regular visit to your site as there's always something new to read. This is great for building connections and helping your clients identify with you and your business' story.

Secondly it is one of the factors used in Search Engine Optimisation to increase your chances of being highly listed by the search engines. They will almost always give preference to sites with up to date content over ones that have been static for a while.

New Blogs

We regularly discuss the option of building a blog or news facility into our clients' websites and recently we've had two cracking good examples of their usefulness and success.

Heathcote House's new blog has now had a blog for almost a month and the business owners have been putting lots of lovely local interest stories on their site to draw visitors and give people an idea of the wonderful opportunities on offer when you come to stay.

Quintessential Bed and Breakfast blog has been running their blog for a little longer and puts up local interest stories for events and activities near to their beautiful bed and breakfasts across the UK. They regularly get top listings on Google for the stories, and draw lots of traffic to their site from people looking to attend the events and find somewhere local to stay.

If you're interesting in us developing a blog on your site please give us a ring on 01300 320076 or email

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