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Updated Design and Functionality for Multi-Language Website


3rd February 2011

Updated Design and Functionality for Multi-Language Website

OSE Directory is an online resource for people looking for health and safety service and product suppliers and for sourcing environmental monitoring and analysis products and services.

At the start of 2011 we were asked to update the design and functionality of the site to achieve two objectives. Firstly to improve the usability of the site for its visitors, and secondly to increase the site's presence in non-English-speaking markets.

Website Design Updates for Increased Usability

The most significant change to the site is that it is now a fluid height design, rather than a fixed height. This means there are no scroll bars within the page content. Instead if the page is long, the normal browser scrollbars are used to move around the page. This is a much more intuitive and recognisable form of navigation for most visitors.

OSE Directory


The second most significant change to the site has been to remove some of the "flashy" navigation elements from the site (like a scrolling selector to choose product types or company names. Instead a more simple list approach has been used to display all relevant information and results on the relevant page. This makes the pages load faster, and easier to read.

Web Design for International Markets

The site has always been available in 15 languages, but some of them have performed better than others in terms of being indexed on the non-English versions of the search engines. We have put in place changes to address this and increase the individual identities of the alternative language versions, making them independent and more consistent in their presentation.

OSE Directory


In the past it was possible to view any language on any of the sites. Now you can only view Spanish on the Spanish site. This makes for more consistency and should improve each site's standing in the search engine listing.

We'll keep you posted with the results.

If you'd like to see any or all of the sites, here's the full list:

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