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Using Twitter and Twitterfeed to Increase Site Traffic


10th January 2011

Using Twitter and Twitterfeed to Increase Site Traffic

We've been watching the increase in site visitors to the new Maiden Newton website with interest. Finding ways to increase the site's visibility on the web has been one of the goals that we've sought to achieve through relaunching the site this New Year.

As we mentioned before, one of the things we've added into the site to help with this is Twitter integration. This means that all the news and diary items that are published on the site are republished using Twitterfeed on Twitter.

This allows people with Twitter accounts to follow the Maiden Newton website as they follow their other "friends" on Twitter. We've already had a handful of retweets for some of our content, and are watching our "followers" lists to see when people add us to their networks.

Twitter Integration We've also put a small link onto all of our stories to show how many times the story has been tweeted. While we know this is always going to be a very small number in most cases, it just draws people's attention to the fact that the site is linked with Twitter and they can follow it in this way if they want to.

This approach is built on our experience with our Twitter integration with this website for our company. We've had a Twitter account for a while now and have gathered quite a few followers over the past months.

If you're interested in finding out how this approach could benefit your website and business then do give us a ring: 01300 3200076 or email

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