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Review of 2010 for Alacrify


24th December 2010

Review of 2010 for Alacrify

This year has been full of good things for us at Alacrify. We have welcomed Mark into the team, built lots of lovely new websites and worked with lots of lovely clients. Here are some of our highlights.

The year started with a flurry of activity on the BioPortfolio website. We were asked to provide a complete rebuild and redesign from the ground up. Building on the site's success over the previous 10 years, we have spent the year turning it into a highly sophisticated, quick, reliable and market-leading website. By the end of 2010 the site's performance had rocketed, with traffic increasing four-fold, increased presence in more countries around the world, and increased revenue for the business.


We have also been working closely with ACAT (the Association for Cognitive Analytic Therapy) in 2010. As part of the organisational changes to the association, including recent charitable status acquisition, we have been rebuilding their website almost from scratch. The work is still ongoing and the final version of the new site won't go live until 2011. Key new developments include a much improved public information section, easier navigation, better interaction between different members' sections of the site; all in all a complete overhaul to get it ready for the next phase in the Association's growth.

New Clients in 2010

We've been delighted to work with many new clients in 2010. They have engaged us to carry out a variety of different projects for them. Some have been new startups. These have had all sorts of web and print design services from us; from business cards and logo design to invoice and letterheads, adverts and more. We've also created a variety of different websites, from brochure sites (with and without our MicroCMS), to fully interactive, database-driven sites using our Simple CMS, to highly complex online business administration systems.

Here's a list of just a handful of the many sites we've built from scratch this year:

We've provided some new customers with support for their existing websites, sorting out technical issues, and giving them a hand with their online marketing and business development.

Ongoing Customer Support and Development

This year we have continued to support and develop websites for many of our existing customers too, responding to their changing business needs and updating their sites with new services and information.

Consultancy and Advice

There have been many other projects along the way where we've offered consultancy and advice to new and existing clients. Explaining the workings of the web, looking at the opportunities for web marketing for businesses, and even collaborating to build new online businesses from scratch have given us much to think about this year.

Team Development

As a team we've continued to read, research and learn more about the current trends and opportunities within the world of online business. Our bookshelves are groaning under the weight of this year's new books. Our brainstorming and team development has improved everyone's understanding of what is possible and how to make the most of running businesses on and off the web.

Business Growth and Collaboration

In June Mark Diment joined Alacrify as a Junior Web Developer. His skills in design and print and have been a boon for us as a business. Along with the web skills that he brought, he also has a wealth of knowledge, training and experience in print media too, and we've found many occasions when it's been put to great use on clients' projects. Mark's place in the team is invaluable and he now takes a lead in many of our client projects from day one to delivery.

We've also been delighted to continue to collaborate with other companies in the area. Graphic Detail and Watershed PR have provided excellent opportunities for collaboration, sharing expertise and experience between us to give their (and our) customers even better service.

Into 2011

We're really excited about 2011. We're in the middle of a whole bunch of fascinating projects at the moment that should start to come to fruition early in the year. There's a flurry of new sites on the drawing board at the moment, along with a some major new enterprises that we're working on for our clients. We can't wait to introduce them to you, so do call back next year and see how we're getting on...

Until then we'd like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a happy, peaceful and fulfilling New Year.

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