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Bed and Breakfast Booking Just 7 Days After Site Launch


17th November 2010

Bed and Breakfast Booking Just 7 Days After Site Launch

With almost unprecedented speed our newest Luxury Bed and Breakfast website has generated its first booking.

Quintessential Bed and Breakfast - Luxury B&BsOnly released into the wild last week, we are thrilled that one of the fantastic bed and breakfasts listed on the site has already confirmed its first booking that came directly through being found on Quintessential Bed and Breakfast.

It is not usual (or advisable) to expect such astonishing results from a newly launched website. Our normal expectation is that we would see traffic slowly build over a 4-6 weeks post-launch as it gets listed with the search engines, and that enquiries would start to flow in proportion to the increasing traffic from then onwards.

Although as developers we wouldn't claim full credit for this exceptional early take up, the fact that the site has been listed so quickly and converted visitors to enquiries so quickly too will be down to the way in which we planned, constructed and developed the site, along with the phenomenal amount of work done by our clients to add mountains of lovely content to it before it was launched.

I love it when a plan comes together!

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