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New Design Brings Huge Performance Improvements for Bioportfolio


16th November 2010

New Design Brings Huge Performance Improvements for Bioportfolio

The ongoing work we are carrying out on BioPortfolio's Life Science website is bringing astonishing growth and traffic to the site.

Alexa's Report on BioPortfolio's Traffic RankThis week we have broken through the 1,000,000 listed pages threshold, and are increasing at the rate of between 10,000 and 20,000 new pages per day. This has brought about a major incease in visitor numbers. Alexa's figures for the site today show that it is rated at 117,193 in the world. That may not sound impressive until you consider the 232,839,963 websites that Netcraft found on the web in October 2010, that puts BioPortfolio into the top 0.1% of all websites globally. That's right up there with Google!

Netcrafts graph of the growth in website numbers since 2005 Total Sites Across All Domains | August 1995 - October 2010 - Netcraft (November 2010)

Aside from the phenomenal amount of content that is now being shown on the site, the key drivers for this internet success are the site's page load speeds, exceptional search engine optimisation, and clear site architecture design. This means that really rich, genuine and meaningful data is presented on each page that is listed in the site's sitemaps, and that users will get a great deal of use out of visiting any or all of the site's million plus pages.

We're continuing to add new services and aspects to this leading bio tech website and will have more news to tell before the month is out... watch this space!

You can visit the site here:

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