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Full Range of Underwater ROVs now on Liquavision's Website


25th October 2010

Full Range of Underwater ROVs now on Liquavision's Website

Last year we launched a new website for the sole UK distributor of Seabotix underwater ROVs (Remote Operated Vehicles): Liquavision. One year on their site is full of fantastic information about these extraordinary vehicles.

Liquavision's amazing land and marine tech website - built by Alacrify

Information about the full range of Seabotix ROVs is now complemented with a range of accessories that can be added to these craft; including sonar, radar, motorised wheels, grabs and cameras. These combinations mean that Liquavision can supply ROVs to almost every underwater application from oil rig and pipeline inspection, homeland security applications, to search and rescue and fisheries settings.

Along with their extensive range of ROVs they have filled the site with other useful high tech equipment, from ship-borne sonars and radars, infrared and image-enhancing cameras, protection equipment and lots of marine and land tech.

Take a look:

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