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New Projects for October


11th October 2010

New Projects for October

This autumn has seen a rapid growth in new clients. These new clients have brought us a variety of projects to work on in both web and print media.

We'll publish more details of exactly who we're working with when we've got some more screenshots and images to show you, but the list includes companies in media, and social care, an international AIDS charity, a design business, several bed and breakfasts, and a software company.

We're also teetering on the launch of three major new projects and are up to our eyeballs in another which is due to launch in the new year.

This extraordinary growth has arisen through a great network of ambassadors. Our clients have sent us all sorts of referrals over the past months and we're really pleased that they're happy to recommend our services. We've also generated a number of projects from our website too which is always a good feeling.

These are exciting times for us and we're loving every minute of it! The creativity and cross-fertilisation that happens when we're working on several projects at once makes each project just that little bit better. There is a constant challenge and sharing of information and ideas among our team that helps each of us do the best that we can for our clients.

We're looking forward to our forthcoming launches this month and will post more information as each one goes live.

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