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International Health and Safety Magazines: New Issues Online


30th September 2010

International Health and Safety Magazines: New Issues Online

Bay Publishing's website features a complete archive of the back issues of all of their magazines, and for older issues you can read their entire articles in full.

Bay Publishing Magazine Back IssuesBuilt into the site that we created for Bay Publishing is a facility for uploading the text and artwork for each magazine article as it is published. The site then shows the magazine covers for all issues along with an index of articles published. After 3 months the full contents of the articles are then made public on the site for anyone to read.

This approach not only gives potential readers a preview of the excellent articles and magazines, but also generates a huge amount of highly specialised traffic to the site, bringing visitors who are looking for exactly the sort of content that is published in their magazines.

In many sites it can be hard work generating this kind of highly focused and relevant content to publish online. Here we are using copy that has been written for the magazines and giving it a second life online. The highly sophisticated and technical articles are ideal for reaching out to highly sophisticated and technical readers who frequently turn into magazine subscribers. And all the while the site is growing in size, and along with it, so is the site traffic.

You can view Bay Publishing's website here:

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