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Real West Dorset


10th September 2010

Real West Dorset

In the past fortnight we've helped to make a few improvements to the Wordpress news site "Real West Dorset" -  This has included setting up and configuring YARPP (Yet Another Related Posts Plugin) and the Google News feed generator. They're now both working well, and YARPP in particular really enriches the content on each page.

We got to know Jonathan Hudston, the editor for Real West Dorset and the company he works for (Watershed PR - through working together for the Dorset County Show ( He popped over to talk about his Real West Dorset project and asked whether we could help. We've been delighted to do so.

The related posts plugin now lists up to 5 related stories or features at the foot of each article, allowing visitors to meander through related content hosted on the site more easily.

This is a really excellent way to keep older content in the public eye. Normally old content would only be visible in date-ordered archive lists, but with this you can see articles from any point in time, so long as they're on a similar topic. It means that all the hard work that goes into writing news stories has far greater public presence and longevity.

Do take a look at the site yourself, it's a great read!

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