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Seach Engine Performance Boost for BioPortfolio


8th September 2010

Seach Engine Performance Boost for BioPortfolio

Since launching the completely rebuilt BioPortfolio website we have been waiting with bated breath to see how well our SEO and design theories would stand the white hot heat of Google's reality.

BioPortfolio is by far the biggest website we have worked on to date, with almost three quarters of a million pages (and growing), masses of live content, huge cross-referencing of information and a quarter of a million site visits per month.

Tackling such a behemoth was a daunting process.

The key objectives were (a) don't break the site, (b) build a more robust and scalable delivery system / site architecture and (c) increase the site's performance.

After almost 6 months of continuous development the new site went live on the 12th August 2010.

One aspect of the launch required us to build dozens of redirects to ensure that old page references still landed somewhere helpful. We also had to ensure that the new pages were significantly better optimised for search engines so they would get listed quickly and receive preferential treatment (and more traffic) compared to the old site's pages.

We also created nearly 300 new sitemaps (with 2500 pages on each) which were submitted to Google for indexing, and which allow us, via Webmaster Tools, to monitor the site's penetration of Google's search index.  

The Number One(?) Life Sciences Site Just Got Better!

This week we are starting to notice the effect of these new pages as they have now been taken up by Google. Today we've returned to the pre-launch levels of site revenue for Adsense, but have achieved this with a hugely increased Click Through Rate. We're also on a steady upward trend in total page visits again, and look to be outstripping the previous daily visits within the next week if the trend continues.

In short we're not just breathing a sigh of relief, we're over the moon!

Check out the site for yourself here:

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