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Site Visitor Stats Rocket Following Redesign


22nd July 2010

Site Visitor Stats Rocket Following Redesign

The recent redesign of the Dorset County Show website has led to the site visitor stats rocketing by an amazing 500% since the site was launched three weeks ago. We've also seen an increase in visit duration and number of page views.

This successful increase in traffic is due to a mixture of factors. In part it is the fruit of writing and developing of lots of new pages and page content. There's simply much, much more to see on the site. It's also helped by excellent search engine optimisation of the site page contents, making use of every opportunity to get the site listed effectively. This includes a comprehensive self-generating sitemap that always knows what's on the site whenever it is updated. It's also due to really well written copy and image descriptions that reinforce the features of the show.

Massive Increase In Visitors to Website Following Alacrify's Redesign of the Site

We'll be keeping a close eye on it over the coming weeks to see whether we continue to build on the current rate of growth. Early indications for this week show another steep rise in visitor numbers.

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You can take a look at the new-look County Show website here:

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