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A Helping Hand With SEO


2nd July 2010

A Helping Hand With SEO

We've been working with a luxury, fairtrade cotton nightdress retailer over the past few weeks to help sort out some search engine optimisation for them. Their site, which runs on a bespoke CMS that was built by a previous design company allows for some modest changes to the site's optimisation, but only up to a point. We've had to work creatively within the scope of the CMS to try and maximise the potential it offers.

Initial results are promising with the new descriptive and title information being reindexed and listed by Google already in under a fortnight. We're also working with our clients to produce new copy to expand on their unique selling points for these beautiful nightdresses.

If Only If Luxury Cotton Nightdresses

You may like to pay their site a visit and buy one of their lovely nightdresses for yourself as a gift for a friend or family member.

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