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No April Fool - Another Google Success


1st April 2010

No April Fool - Another Google Success

Sometimes things seem to come along like London buses don't they. After my note about Alacrify's top listing on Google, we've just achieved our most remarkable success to date. The website that we launched only 7 days ago for Catching Rainbows Fertility Therapies has now rocketed up the Google charts and is sitting happily on page one of Google for almost all their targetted keywords; and sometimes gets 2 mentions on the page!

Catching Rainbows comes in on page one of Google un under a week

"Dorset Fertility Therapy" and "Dorset Acupressure" (amongst others) not only have a listing for Alacrify's website (where we wrote a blog article introducing the new site), but incredibly in under a week the Catching Rainbows site is also alongside it too.

We're thrilled and delighted for our clients and pleased to see our plans and methods are working.

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