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One in 653,000 - Getting to the Top of Google


31st March 2010

One in 653,000 - Getting to the Top of Google

Today we found ourselves at pole position for "Dorset Website Design" on Google, at the head of 653,000 results. For any of our sites to get to the top spot on Google is a cause for celebration here as it's usually the result of lots of hard work from us and our clients.

Getting to the Top of Google

How did we achieve the top Google search ranking? Well there's no secret really. We take care with all our sites to make sure that they are well optimised for search indexing. This means being sensible about the reach of our sites, creating sensible strategies for reaching the target markets and then ensuring that we complete each element of our search engine optimisation strategy.

Key elements to help to get to the top of Google and the other search engines include:

  • targeted use of every page title
  • on topic (and mildly repetitive) page content
  • sensible and focused use of keywords
  • an enticing descriptive "meta-description" tag on every page
  • search-friendly phrases in the page content and title
  • regular updates to the site to keep it interesting and fresh
  • thorough use of sitemaps and sitemap submission to ensure the search indices are up to date

... and finally, it does take time. We don't guarantee our methods will work instantly overnight, as Google and the others take their time to correctly and fully index the sites;  however after a month or so the results usually are good, and their effect is long lasting.

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